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we are committed to satisfy the very specific demand of the customers.

Our Commitment

Our experience in the Chemical Industry particularly Lead and Zinc goes back to 40 glorious years. On the basis of this enriched experience and expertise in the field of Non Ferrous Metals, Oxides, PVC Stabilizers and Chemical manufacturing, we are committed to satisfy the very specific demand of the customers.

With constant improvement in every area of operation & perseverance to embrace latest technologies we have established a strong name in Non Ferrous Metal industry particularly Lead and Zinc. We intend on being the largest manufacturers of Lead Metal in the coming future.

Sustainable Development

Mittal Group has always recognized its responsibility towards employees, customers and environment. The company’s dedicated efforts to develop an eco-friendly manufacturing system gained international recognition. We have put in place a well- defined Environment Management System incorporating elements of the ISO 14001 : 2004 standards, whereby process improvements and effluent discharge parameters and continuously monitored and improved. We recycle Lead Scrap, Battery scrap, Battery plates, Lead Concentrate to produce 99.97% pure Lead, Lead alloys, Lead Oxides and Chemicals

Quality Assurance

At Mittal Group, we constantly endeavor for high quality performance in a disciplined manner setting high standards for products and services with a comprehensive monitoring system encompassing raw material handling, production processes and finished products. The manufacturing operation of the firm are audited and certified to ISO 9001 : 2008 standards.

Recycling Facts

25 Billion
Kg Co2 Save till 2020
1 Billion
Vehicles on Lead acid Battery
90 %
Batteries are Lead Based
37 Million
Batteries in Micro Hybrid Cars

Knowledge Base

Multiple Applications of Lead

Lead recycled from spent batteries can be used in new batteries, sporting goods, radiation protection and more.

Store Renewable Energy

Lead acid batteries are used to store renewable energy from wind turbines and solar panels.

Lead can be recycled infinite times

The Lead in Lead based batteries can be recycled an infinite number of times.

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