Lead Battery Scrap

Drained Lead Acid Battery Scrap shall consist of whole drained lead/acid batteries. May contain plastic or rubber cases, but may not contain wooden, metal or glass cases. Similar to ISRI code RAINS.
This is the most preferred type of raw material for Lead recyclers/smelters or recycling/smelting Industries. We provide Rotary based Smelting plants for processing such raw material with equipments & machines for handling & separation of Lead.

Battery Lugs (ISRI RACKS)

Battery Lugs shall consist of solid lead recovered from used batteries or battery production, must be free of oxide material and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic or glass. Shall consist of clean soft scrap lead, free of other materials such as drosses, battery plates, lead covered cable, hard lead, collapsible tubes, foil, type metals, aluminum, zinc, iron and brass fittings, dirty chemical lead and radioactive materials.

Battery Plate Scrap (ISRI RAILS)

Battery Plates shall consist of clean sorted lead/lead oxide battery plates and may not contain foreign materials such as plastic, or glass. The only other material that might be included could be lead connectors.

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